Pecked sculpture exhibition and installation with performances.




10. April, 2021 - Repeat Premiere

Online at

Janet Levy- concept and sculptures

Diane Gemsch- Choreographer and dance

Rudolf Moser- Photography

The exhibition is open Wednesday - Saturday by appointment only, Please contact Janet Levy at
Janet Levy sculptor, curator and songwriter is the current resident of the SWB ExperimenthausNeubühl in Zurich, Switzerland. She will present three projects engaging with her current body of work Pecked and the reference to home, living and the act of moving. From February 1 through July 31, 2021, Levy will live in the 1930’s modernist house in Neubühl, to create and present her work. For her first project Levy presents Repeat a dance performance an interaction with the house and her site-specific sculptural installation to premiere online at SWB Experimenthaus website.

As we navigate our lives in these times of a pandemic the question about home and living becomes even more pronounced. Janet Levy questions  what is home and what is the significance of home. As someone who moves around often, back and forth between countries. This repeat  movement of collecting, rebuilding, recreating a home. similar actions as to a bird building a nest. Our environments are an exterior reflection of our interior worlds and the things we need and collect to feel comfort and safe to call a place home. In Repeat , Levy has collected objects from her surroundings to create a site-specific sculptural installation and Diane Gemsch creates an emotional response by physically bringing this action to movement while engaging with the house and sculpture installation.




59 Westbühlstrasse
8038 Zürich
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Janet Levy