in flow - the magic of dynamic motion

Aleksandra CegielskaMiki BucklandRama KalidindiSibylle LäubscherTomoko Hashimoto

Aleksandra Cegielska
Miki Buckland
Rama Kalidindi
Sibylle Läubscher
Tomoko Hashimoto

in flow - the magic of dynamic motion


Welcome to in flow, an immersive art exhibition that invites you to explore

the captivating world of dynamic motion and its profound impact on creation,

preservation, and destruction. Through an amalgamation of artistic expressions,

this exhibition delves into the beauty and complexity of flow –

a force that transcends boundaries and embraces interruption, interjection,

intersection, connection, rejection, manipulation, and cancellation.

In this multi-dimensional showcase, artists have unleashed their creativity

to capture the essence of flow's timeless nature - where there is no beginning,

no end, no rhyme, and no reason.  Fragmentation finds cohesion, gathered

elements meet obliteration, and in this rhythmic dance of energy, joy is released.

The art pieces will mesmerize you as they meander gently through

the corridors of thought, mind, and body, embracing every breath with

grace and fluidity.

Join us at - in flow - the magic of dynamic motion - and witness the transformative

power of flow as it traverses effortlessly through all aspects of life.

Experience the joy of release, the beauty of connection, and the serenity of

becoming one with the flow. Let your imagination soar as you embrace

the artistic manifestation of life's most captivating force.

Feldbergstrasse 86
4057 Basel
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