Short film about Muzeum Susch (2021)

Short film about Muzeum Susch (2021)

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Situated in the picturesque Engadine valley in south-eastern Switzerland, Muzeum Susch, which opened its doors to the public in January 2019, is the most recent project by Grażyna Kulczyk, Polish entrepreneur and long-term supporter of contemporary art. Muzeum Susch offers visitors a unique experience of being in contact with art in an unrushed way.

A journey to Susch is a modern-day pilgrimage to encounter a collection of site-specific installations as well as an ambitious program of exhibitions focused on women artists. The museum runs several programs. ‘Acziun’, a modern dance and choreography program, ‘Disputaziuns’, an annual symposium, academic research practices are gathered at the ‘Instituto Susch’. Finally ‘Temporars’, a residency program for cultural practitioners from all fields.

Susch offers an alternative to engage with art, architecture, and nature. At its heart is the experience of ‘slow art’ and an invitation to consider from a different perspective, that which is most precious: time.