Digital Art

Since 2014, Kunstbulletin has had a special focus on digital and internet based art. In every issue, the curator of the year introduces a digital project of the month (or curator's choice). Parallel to this, users can select a digital project of the month, and put forward their own work to the online archive.
In addition to this, nominated projects for net based (prize for web based art) are listed here. The prize was launched by Kunstbulletin and HeK (Haus der elektronischen Künste Basel, or Organisation for Electronic Art Basel) in order to draw attention to the internet as a platform for artistic activity, and to make innovative projects accessible to a wider audience.


Curator's Choice December 2020

Faith Holland: Faith Holland, Bullets and Bars

Users' Choice April 2018

Andrew Wang-Hoyer: Digitale Kunst / Andrew Wang-Hoyer - Chaos Game