Salome Würsch/ Schweiz und Evgenia Guichert/ Frankreich

Salome Würsch/ Schweiz und Evgenia Guichert/ Frankreich

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14.02.2020 19:00 to 22:00

Vernissage der Ausstelung

Präsentierte Künstler: Salome Würsch aus Salvenach/ Schweiz und Evgenia Guichert aus Grimaud/ Frankreich

Salome Wuersch is a young artist who mainly works with abstract acrylic painting. In addition to acrylic paint, she also uses charcoal, pencil and oil pastels to work on her works. She experiments for hours with colours and materials of all kinds and is completely guided by her imagination. Over the years she developed various techniques and perfected her personal style, which previously transformed white canvases into colorful, dynamic and detailed works of art. Today she is orientated towards the mixed media style and processes in her pictures papers of all kinds, texts, utensils from nature, fabrics and stone flour, as well as other structure-creating materials. When she paints, she is guided by intuitions and packages in her pictures on the one hand inspirations from nature, on the other hand any kind of feelings and everyday experiences. Knowing no boundaries, she is always eager to let a chaotic order become reality in her works.

Evgenia Guichert known under name AFTER7SEAS is a self-taught artist with Ukrainian roots. After her studies in Germany she moved to south of France where she discovered her passion for painting. Her moto is that it is not a talent to know how to paint but rather a skill that is acquired over time. She finds her daily inspiration for painting by looking around her and by mentioning all small details that can hide a huge petential in them . Shadows and silhouettes fascinate her. She is sure that each person who looks at her canvases can add colours according to their imagination. Her own imagination she transposes on her black and white paintings. It is a daily need for yong painter.

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