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artlog.net by Kunstbulletin artlog.net is a network for information, navigation and communication in the field of contemporary art. The online platform provides an interactive, openly editable system to professional partners in the art world, which can be used to publish information about individuals, institutions, calls for proposals, exhibitions, events and art works. This content is constantly being linked to a map, as well as current events in the art world.

Kunstbulletin is the most widely read journal of contemporary art in Switzerland. Kunstbulletin provides information about events in the art world and reflects its multifaceted nature. Kunstbulletin is published 10 times a year, and features artists' portraits, interviews, art theory, reviews, tips, news, announcements, art jobs and a comprehensive exhibitions guide. Since 1998, parts of the text and the exhibitions guide have been collected in an online archive. Kunstbulletin is independent, and is self-financed through subscriptions and advertising. Kunstbulletin is published by the Schweizer Kunstverein (Swiss Art Association), which is a charitable, non-profit organisation. We thank everyone who supports and contributes to Kunstbulletin through subscriptions and advertising.

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