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Here you can find the most recent videos about artists and exhibitions published on These are linked to the artists and exhibitions index. If you would like to link your own video, please contact us:

Exhibition/Event: Hinter Mauern
Date from: 02.10.2022
Date to: 16.04.2023
Exhibition/Event: Grace Schwindt
Date from: 17.09.2022
Date to: 05.02.2023
Institution: Kunstmuseum St. Gallen
Exhibition/Event: Gabriella Giandelli
Date from: 11.06.2022
Date to: 30.10.2022
Institution: Cartoonmuseum
Exhibition/Event: Pater Emmanuel Wagner
Date from: 11.09.2022
Date to: 16.10.2022
Institution: Talmuseum Engelberg
Exhibition/Event: Ana Strika — Taktzeit
Date from: 28.08.2022
Date to: 02.10.2022
Institution: Kunsthalle Arbon
Exhibition/Event: Earthly Bodies (Online only)
Date from: 15.09.2022
Date to: 06.10.2022
Institution: Galerie von Vertes
Exhibition/Event: Sommer im Museum
Date from: 24.08.2022
Date to: 11.09.2022