21,39 Jeddah Arts

21,39 Jeddah Arts

I Love You, Urgently

Type d'évènement 
28.01.2020 - 18.04.2020
Arabie Saoudite

Entitled I Love You, Urgently, the seventh edition of 21,39 Jeddah Arts is a call to action in response to the environmental emergency from the specificity of a local context. At a time when Saudi Arabia is undergoing a rapid transformation, it asks local and international artists, architects, designers and thinkers to seek out tangible solutions, and to formulate alternative and symbiotic ways to inhabit our planet.

Through exhibitions, commissions and a series of dialogues, talks and debates taking place in the gallery spaces of the Saudi Art Council and in Al-Balad, the historic city center of Jeddah, participants are invited to address three specific themes: ideas of biomimicry, the imitation of the models, systems and elements of nature for the purpose of solving complex human problems, of adaptability, and of specificity, how to think of alternative and symbiotic ways to inhabit our planet from a local context.

As inspiration for the program, 21,39 Jeddah Arts will also feature a special presentation documenting the pioneering work in biomimicry and adaptability of Pritzker Architecture Prize winner Frei Otto (1925–2015). In a period of hyper-consumption, his radical philosophy of “architecture before architecture” provides a powerful contrast to acceleration and excess.

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